Projects completed:

  1. bleeding-edge CRM platform for large telecoms company
    1. Unix MPP
    2. behaviour analytics, segmentation and targeting
    3. design, develop and operationalise entire operational software stack from deployment, data load, transform and distribution, source / release management
    4. transition to operations
  2. SAP plaftorm for European financial services co.
    1. SAP R3 on Unix/Oracle
    2. design, develop and customise; transformation and migration from Oracle suite to SAP
    3. transition to operations
  3. Multi-channel implementation for European bank [pilot only]
    1. Websphere, MQ, Unix, Oracle
    2. Design and implement securre proof of concept [ responsible for recovering failing programme]; second in charge was already on his game so I was air-cover
  4. Data centre migration, transformation and IT automation [data centre] automation projects [multiple]
  1. telecoms [UK, DE, FR, NL]
  2. financial services [EI, UK, USA]
  3. service providers [UK, DE, FR, NL]
  4. transport [DE, NL]
  1. Analytics including data warehouse, OLAP
    1. telecoms [UK, ESP]
    2. Gaming [EI]

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