A Technology Leader experienced and successful building tech’ startups in Europe.

Commercial, expert with significant experience breaking new ground!

Established European operation for Chef and Aster Data. Exceeded targets, built team and created established great client list.

Innovator and technology leader during early & high-growth period at Opsware and Perot Systems.

Experienced market maker building companies and delivering results.
Solves problems associated with startups while addressing issues of localisation, support, consultancy and partnerships.

Opening new markets in open source, SaaS and disruptive tech’.

The areas I have focused on include:

  • distributed systems including HPC, distributed systems and Cloud
  • data warehouses including CRM & OLAP
  • automation and autonomics

I have been very lucky to have worked for some of the greatest innovators in the industry and consulted with the most demanding clients.

I have been solution architect, implementer, early adopter and subject matter expert for a range of enterprise technologies. My expertise is designing and building enterprise systems to solve technical problems where scale is key and skills are scarce.

See disclaimer for details of my employment past and present

It’s been quite a journey so far but the future awaits.

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