Buzzwords demistyfied (for the cynic)

Serverless: it’s what the guys who want to sell you cycles are peddling vs. what the guys who want to sell you the tin to run those cycles on

Microservices: how we used to build distributed systems before Moores law made it possible to colocate everything in one image

DevOps: it’s what the new kids on the block do….until they get to twenty five employees and then they don’t quite know what to do except NOT to do ITIL

Agile: it’s the methodology for guys who don’t want to commit anything to writing, in either a document or calendar form

API: intelligent glue unlike SOA which was academically superior but incomprehensible to anyone but an academic

Stateless: something that is technically useless in any meaningful application

App: code that is too trivial to be used in any backend

Experiment: in applied computing this is often used to disguise something that is not well thought out or suitable for the intended purpose


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