DevOps and what you wont hear

DevOps is about Automation, the ‘A’ in the CAMS acronym so you really need to understand the following to make a success of it.

Data, Data, Data – metrics and instrumentation are key to planning, execution and understanding progress

Necessity is the mother of invention; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it <Powershell or bash might be the right answer>

Legacy businesses may be able to use existing automation tools as effectively as emerging tools for automation

Choreographing a service is more important than automating a server

Redressing the failures of historical behaviour is hard nee impossible; tread carefully with legacy

Open source changes rapidly; keeping current needs a process

Workflow ideas are emerging but confused in the Configuration Management community

You write positive actions when building something. Removing something needs a positive action too. Is an immutable infrastructure practical for you?

Physical infrastructure is harder than virtualisation which is harder than cloud

Community doesn’t replace your own expertise

It is all about infrastructure as code – consider your need for a UI and how your user experience will benefit | suffer

You can test from the inside out or the outside in; which is better is yet to be decided

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