The value of metrics

If you do not measure it you cannot manage it. That has been an management consultants mantra for as long as I can remember, yet so few IT operations have defined performance indicators and this surprises me.

Sure, people talk about 5*9s and mean time to repair, mean time to fail and mean time to isolate but real operational performance indicators and key performance indicators are rarely considered.

It is true but put more appropriately….
If you cannot measure it you cannot improve it so please get measuring!

What to measure? Well that is the most important decision.
I take a range of approaches – clearly if you do something often you can measure effort, iterations and the impact on your operational team. At the other end of the spectrum perhaps there is one task that occurs rarely but is so costly (SLA, effort, risk, knowledge) that it warrants automation. You know your business and are best placed to judge.

If you want advice on what to measure then get in touch.