Recommendations & Endorsements

I recognise that linkedin has many parallels with my resume – my profile is important to me.

I only want facts and content I can justify on my resume and wish to be able to explain achievements, context and identify the people who contributed to my experiences.

I value the network that has grown around me through many years of hard work and sometime soul searching while working in challenging environments. Some of my most valued customers, colleagues and partners have become important linkedin connections. I am lucky that people I know and value regularly request that we connect and really appreciate it when I am fortunate enough to receive a recommendation. I think most of my recommendations have come from people who have worked with me on hard projects or have seen how I perform in challenging situations; and this really matters.

I don’t ask for recommendations and don’t make them lightly.

I do not endorse someones skills without personal experience to show that they excel in that domain and I do not solicit endorsements.

I ask myself why do people ask me to recommend them but mostly I wonder why people who barely know me have endorsed my skills.

Let’s not devalue our currency – recommend the exceptional and endorse where warranted.