Big Data – surely there is more to it than ad’s?

Big data is definitely a hot topic with opinion, discussion and polarisation amongst across the community. For me the most fundamental question I am considering is who can benefit most.

I am not sure if I am being unduly pessimistic or whether I have limited exposure but the only use I see being championed is in advertising, search engine optimisation and understanding the demographics of your customer. Important? Well, yes, but surely the advances in technology, creation of new platforms and emergence of ‘data science’ takes us beyond this!

Perhaps the limiting factor has simply been the economy and limited cash within the business and government. Maybe all of the companies IT resources have been focused on eke’ing out new customers or maximising the profit from existing one; I am not sure but I believe that the time is right for companies to look at increasing their use of big data at all levels; improving skills, exploring the new technologies and looking to invest in other areas where analytics and exploration can add competitive advantage.

There are clearly valid uses in government and security that might be considered unwelcome by some. Others could have a massive reach and bring benefits to a huge audience; the options for healthcare research, materials analysis, R & D, demographics, manufacturing are huge but largely unexploited?