Enterprise Service Bus

I have heard many very smart people talk about the benefits of the enterprise service bus (ESB). I like the idea and am familiar with brokers, subscribers, queues etc.

ESB’s work for developers and for the business systems they build. But the most recent context is to use the ESB as a configuration management subsystem to build complex cloud infrastructure.
It just wont work for the following reasons:

  1. ESB’s are the domain of developers; sys admins don’t understand messages, brokers and queues – you might as well be talking another language
  2. The complexity of the ESB makes orchestrating a solution very difficult
  3. ESB’s are not real-time, declaritive.

I wait with baited breath to see whether VCE has yet delivered its’ solution uisng SonicMQ.

Now, DevOps – that is an approach that might just work but it needs a more educated IT management specialist.

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