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Public, Private, Hybrid, Legacy – seems like mission impossible?

Cloud computing, whether delivered on-premise or by exploiting platforms such as Salesforce, EC2, Rackspace etc. is well within the grasp of anyone; just be clear what you want to achieve.

Remember Cloud is two things:

  1. Ubiquitos access – secure but available over the Internet
  2. IT delivered as a service; on-demand and with the implementation invisible to the consumer

Based on this definition you can probably see why I do not see exploting Cloud computing as a significant leap.

Caution must be advised when you engage with suppliers or you might be persuaded by your suppliers that Cloud is far more:

  1. An entirely new architecture such as Vblock [or FlexPOD for that matter]
  2. A 100% technology refresh running in isolation from legacy services
  3. VMware / HyperV or another flavour of virtualisation
  4. complete automation [even autonomics]
  5. Springsource
  6. A new, dedicated management stack

While it might be desirable to incorporate some of these aspects into your cloud strategy it is not mandatory.

Economies of scale might demand that you can support multiple tenants on a single infrastructure; but again this is not a technical requirement more of a commercial consideration.

If you build your own Cloud from the ground up you might find that you have missed the boat. Of course large enterprises still have a window of opportuntiy; but emerging service providers need something exceptional to get a foothold.

More to follow.

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