Joining it up

Lots of buzz about DevOps and a number of notable proponents.

I am a believer myself but will it make it to the enterprise and at what cost?

I certainly hope that some of the most admirable aspects do make it to the enterprise. I am particularly interested in:

  1. the speed with which devops can deliver by embracing automation and the eability to remove operational noise
  2. the take-up of pattern-based computing
  3. self-documented systems

And by the same token there does need to be an amount of control an compliance as new services are introduced. A free-for-all where any technology can be delivered into the enterprise is clearly a non-starter.

I will pick on 10gen / mongoDB since I have studied it a little and it has been massively [over]-hyped recently.

How can platforms like MongoDB make it into the enterprise successfully in the next 12-18 months?

  • first; what is the real business need
  • is there any tooling to help manage the environment
  • are there already tools that can do the same but don’t have the same appeal

Again, more pondering to do.

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