Converged Infrastructure = So What!

Dell, HP and EMC/Cisco have all jumped on the band wagon and been joined by some interesting startups too ( step forward Nutanix)

What is it all about?

A single pre-engineered system that incorporates storage, processing and networks.

Is this new?

No. Isn’t that what you got when you bought from IBM or DEC in the 90’s? And wasn’t this sort of system considered a risk due to vendor tie-in and replaced in favour of open, and more recently, commodity systems?

Nothing is black and white.

It is clear that many big IT shops spend too much time tweaking the hardware ad nauseum which does not add to the bottom-line for the business.

It can be argued that they have felt the need to do this because the right balance between cost, availability and performance come at the expense of good engineering.

The thing is however that hardware has become faster, cheaper and pretty much everything is a commodity CPU these days. Too much time is spent playing with tin while not delivering anything so the infrastructure guys only have themselves to blame for the re-emergence of the pre-built system.

While I want a guarantee of performance and availability the hardware really on matters a little. I want my hardware on the floor quickly and ready for me to run my applications nearly instantaneously; and I want to be able to deploy may applications at the touch of a button. So, sure, Converged might be good but I want self-service and I want it now.

Only you can determine if converged is right for your business. The primary sales propositions are:

  1. we do the engineering to deliver a secure, scalable, high-performance platform
  2. we certify it for specific workloads

The moot point is that you are delivering a ‘service’ and your service is hopefully distinct from that of every other service provider…….

  • so this certification……… is it actually worth anything; does the profile of your lync|UCS|SAP|PaaS mirror what got certified?

I reiterate: converged might be good but I want self-service and I want it now and that is a proposition about software and process automation!

Disclaimer: I  worked for VCE and Digital Equipment.

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